Besides developing my own projects I work as 3d modeling artist and I am lecturing at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

mail: info@3cxs.ch
phone: +41 (0)76 579 82 58

Mutschellenstrasse 174 A
8038 Zurich





The work displayed here is an interaction between drawing, sculpting and 3d computer-generated images and forms.
Working in the virtual 3d space reflects back into creating in real world. I am interested in forms and structures defined by various influences from natural science and machineworld but also comic-art and illustration.
Currently my focus is on researching virtual made forms and transporting them into realworld objects and sculptures. See Artworks

I am open for commissions and art collaborations.
I have knowledge in building custom 3d models, in the creation of figurative models and in technical construction and object design.
I have experience in processing 3d scans and the preparation of polygonal 3d data for printing and milling.
It is also possible to create in traditional ways. I have knowledge and infrastructure for working with stone, wood and other materials plus clay sculpting, casting and finally drawing. More