I am open for commissions and art collaborations.
I have knowledge in building custom 3d models, in the creation of figurative models and in technical construction and object design.
I have experience in processing 3d scans and the preparation of polygonal 3d data for printing and milling.
It is also possible to create in traditional ways. I have knowledge and infrastructure for working with stone, wood and other materials plus clay sculpting, casting and finally drawing.
Here is a list of services I can offer:

  • Design and creation of sculptures and objects.
  • Create prototypes final pieces or restoration of parts.
  • Create realworld replicas for museums and similar.
  • Digital replicas for games and online platforms / WebGL
  • Visual installations for museums, fairs, restaurants and clubs
  • 3d modeling for production and gameready 3d assets.
  • Sculpting / Hardsurfacing / PBR Texturing and Shading
  • Processing 3d scans and preparation for 3d printing and milling.
  • 3d Visualisation and Rendering
  • Visual development / Storyboard / Moodboard

  • MINI Oldtimer 3d Scan

    MINI Oldtimer 3d Scan

    In collaboration with WESCAN we created this digital Model of an Oldtimer Mini.I got the raw scandata and processed it into a colored 3d printable Model. Lots of cleaning and texture brush up.

  • Balmer Madonna

    Balmer Madonna

    Together with WESCAN and STINGRAY I was working on this digital model of a sculpture from the 14th century. The goal was to create a 3d printed replica of the original. I polished and cleaned the 3d scanned model and created the printable model which is hollowed out and separated in to parts. Stingray then…

  • Merkur Statuette

    Merkur Statuette

    Merkur Statuette / Digital Replica >>Kantonsarchäologie Luzern3d Scan by WESCAN. Digital Cleaning, Remeshing, TexturingHigh Dens Mesh with UV Unfold. Ready for Visualisation and 3d Print



    Research Project about extracting 3d Data from Medicinal Scandata>> Blueyetech / Peter Maloca Extraction of 3d Mesh / Cleaning and optimizing 3d Mesh.3d Print & Digital Visualisations Welcome Image Award London 2017FRAMING SCIENCE Folium, Sihlcity / Zürich / 2018

  • Ludicious


    Key Visual / Print Art and Trailer for the Zürich based Ludicious Game Festival. See the festival at

  • LION 1815

    LION 1815

    Short Film Pringle1815 Spring/Summer Campaign 2015I created this short film for the Japan based fashion label pringle1815 and offspring of Pringle of Scotland. Lion and argyles in abstraction mixed with 8bit sounds.